Slide It In Again

Here's the cover to the two versions of Slide It In Rocket was talking about earlier.
Bought this one a while ago.
Good package that features the US version the UK version a couple of bonus tracks and a dvd.

I'm A Roller Too,Baby...

Here's another from '76 and another from that Rock hot spot Birmingham,U.K.
It's an audience recording but a good listen to these ears.
From what is regarded as the classic line up.
One of the all time great bands but they should have been so much more.
A band that should have cracked America big time.
But a combination of bad luck and illness it wasn't to be.
Still,they've left us with some great music...timeless.

Monkey Business

Very very nice audience recording.
I really enjoyed this one from one of our fav's here.
Don't see it on the site so here it is.
Classic UFO captured on the No Heavy Petting Tour.
I'm going to stick my neck out and say that album (studio) is my favourite from them.
Guess it just depends what you heard first and it sticks with you.
If you haven't spun it for I while I suggest you do.

A Passion Play...

Here's a Wonderful MSG Bootleg!
It was Recorded at The Kabuki in San Fran in '84!
Michael is in Fine Form, as Is The Rest Of The Band...
The ONLY Real Problem with This Show Is That "Rock Will Never Die," Ironically, Dies - Well It's Cut and fades Out Early...Other than that this One Sounds Really Good!
Sounds Like an FM Radio Broadcast Recording...But It May Just Be an Outstanding AUD Recording - Either Way It's a Great Listen!
Here's a Sample Just So You's Can Get a Feel For It:
11 Armed and Ready.mp3
Get this Great Gig by the German Guitar God!
Play It LOUD! And Enjoy!
Michael Schenker-Kabuki84

Different Sides Of The Same Ocean...

Here's a Boot For Ya!
Whitesnake as a 4-Piece Band Back in 1984 - Live in Spokane, Washington...
Great FM Radio Broadcast Recording!
'Snake was tourin' the Slide It In LP...
I Didn't Know This Until Recently, But The US and UK Versions of that Record are Very Different (NOT Just The Track List Order!).
Mickey Moody Left After Recording This Record, And Then The Big Changes Started...
John Sykes Was Hired, and Cozy Powell brought in Colin Hodgkinson on Bass...
Gone were Ian Paice, Mel Galley, Neil Murray, and Jon Lord Recorded Then was Gone too!
Whitesnake were makin' a Transition from their Old Blues-Based Sound to a Harder Heavy Metal Sound...For The MTV Generation...ALL At Once!

From Wiki:
These Folks Recorded The Original UK Version Of Slide It In:
David Coverdale – lead vocals
Mel Galley – guitars, backing vocals
Micky Moody – guitars
Colin Hodgkinson – bass
Jon Lord – keyboards
Cozy Powell – drums

And these Folks Re-Recorded Parts and Remixed The Record for the US Version:
David Coverdale – lead vocals
John Sykes – guitars
Mel Galley – guitars, backing vocals
Neil Murray – bass
Jon Lord - keyboards
Cozy Powell – drums
Bill Cuomo – additional keyboards

The European edition of the album contains the original mix. This mix features a stronger presence of keyboards by Jon Lord, and the bass is more noticeable. The track order is also different from the US mix.
The US mix lowers the keyboards and bass in the mix, and is more orientated around the guitars and drums. The US version features some different guitar solos to the European edition, with the addition of John Sykes as a third guitarist layered on top of the original guitar parts recorded by Mel Galley and Micky Moody. The bass guitar parts which were originally recorded by Colin Hodgkinson were replaced by returning member Neil Murray's bass guitar parts. The US version also included some new keyboard parts by Bill Cuomo.
There are also other, more subtle differences in the mix. For instance, on the track "Gambler" on the UK version, Coverdale's voice echoes after every line he sings - this does not happen in the US mix. On the track "Slow An' Easy", the US version has more echo.

Whitesnake-Spokane 84

Rats In The Cellar...

Here's a Good Set Of Demos & Outtakes from Tom Keifer & Cinderella...
BTW, Tom's Got a Solo CD Out Now:
Go Here To Give It A Listen! And To Watch Some Videos Also!
Even @ 128 kbps mp3 these dudes sound good....
Of Course, There's some tape hiss as with most of these kinda things...
There's More Than 20 songs here, Many You Heard In One Form Or Another and Some You Might Not Have!
"Cry No More" Is The Most Aerosmithy-Soundin' Song of The Bunch and "Light My Fuse" Rocks!
Cinderella - The Basement Tapes85

See the man ridin' high in the desert near the Rio Grande...

Here's ANOTHER Fine FM Radio Broadcast Recording From BADLANDS!
Except for the INTRO by the Radio Announcer (He's a Serious Pervert! Been Lonely Too Long & Watchin' Too Many Blue Movies...) Oh, And The Front Cover - Eric Singer Is Pictured But Wasn't Part Of The Band At The Time Of This Recording (Ah! But, That Happens on Bootlegs - Even Done It Myself!)
Once You Get Past The Announcer, You're In For Some Excellent Music...
The Crowd is Chantin' "Jake, Jake, Jake..." Early On!
I thought They's Gonna Do a Frampton Tribute In The Middle Of This Show With "Show Me The Way" & "Shine On" But, Nope, Ain't The Same Songs!
Also, Probably Doesn't NEED to Be Said, BUT..."Fire And Rain" IS NOT The Old James Taylor Tune, Neither!
From The COMMENTS Section:
 bobbyhy said...
Thanks for some more great Badlands. Love this band! BTW, Fire and Rain is the JT song. It was a great rocking cover from their second cd.
NOTE: Well, I'll Be Damned! It Is The James Taylor Song...I Listened to this while Makin' More Covers for Other Shows, So I didn't listen Close Enough, I Guess!

Seriously, Great Hard Rockin' Band With Great Sound Quality And Good Setlist of Songs to Play!
Badlands - DallasTX91